Monday, February 10, 2014

Salt Lake City Utah Family Photographer | 11-on-11 Project February 2014

(This is the second post in an 11-on-11 project I am honored and excited to be participating in this year with a group of talented photographers from around the country: Kelly Sweda (CA), Sara Kaleho (MN), Sanna Lee (MN)Marie Sant (UT)Brooke Schmoe (FL)Brandi Tejeda (CO) and Corey Villicana (CA)  No rules or guidelines other than we post 11 personal pictures on the 11th of each month. To see last months post click HERE)

This month is kind of a hodge-podge of images.  From icy cold, frozen lake fun to pillow time snuggles.

One of my goals this year was to take more pictures of my boys.  I've been accused of having a favorite child...which may or may not be true.  :) What can I say, girls just tend to be easier and more fun to photograph.  Especially when you have one who twirls and sings all the time.  So, I'm proud to say that so far I've done a much better job of capturing the boys and I'm lovin' the results.  Apparently with a little effort and creativity, boys can be easy to photograph too...

First up is the frozen lake outing.  This is Utah Lake and is just down from our house.  In winter it completely freezes over and people ice fish, camp and even ride 4-wheelers on it.  So, we ventured out one morning and spent a couple hours playing.  The kids had a blast - and so did I after I was totally convinced that we weren't going to fall through the ice and die.  :)

Someone got left behind and wasn't too happy about it.

But quickly recovered when she realized singing "Let it Go" in the middle of great, big frozen nothingness was pretty much the best thing ever.

Saw this light and just asked for one pic...and I got a mugshot instead... haha

Someone had a birthday and was forced to suffer through me taking their annual portrait.

The pillow time snuggles.

And the Instagram recap - obviously I didn't do very well capturing my boys for this one...
(I'm under bloomandgrow)

Thanks so much for looking!  Now please continue your blog circle journey and visit Brandi from Brandi Tejeda Photography.  Brandi is amazing and was one of my first Instagram crushes.  I'm so excited to be doing this project with her!

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  1. Marie! I'm in love with the winter photos... I think you've sparked inspiration in me to get back outside and starting seeing the beauty. And your little guy - he's so HANDSOME! Lovely photos!!

  2. your work is so inspiring Marie, just everything. and your kids are adorable. and I've also now officially added Utah to my travel list. the frozen lakes around here don't look ANYthing like that!! gorgeous!