Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Salt Lake City Family Photographer | Light Project - Window Light

New year, new project, same wonderful group of photographers.  In 2013 we did a monthly 11-on-11 project (you can see the final post from that series here)  This year we wanted to change it up and challenge ourselves a little differently.  This time, each month will have a different Light theme - no other requirements other than our images will be lit using a different type of light source each month. Sounds awesome right?

To start things off, January's theme is WINDOW LIGHT.  Definitely one of my favorite light sources.  There is just something about a window that makes light soft and beautiful.  I chose one window in my home and based all of my images around the light falling in that location.  Very fun and definitely a different sort of challenge.

Hope you enjoy!

When you're done, please continue the circle and visit the wonderful Tonya Teran from Tonya Teran Photography. 

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  1. so awesome Marie..your selfies this year, are just wonderful. i love the way you used light here.

  2. So awesome, Marie. Your self portraits are always so so gorgeous!

  3. So many gorgeous images! I love them all, Marie.

  4. You have a beautiful gift for seeing light. These are wonderful. xoxo

  5. Your use of light is always perfection Marie. Love this series, and you are just too gorgeous for words…..

  6. These are fabulous. I love the feel of them and your use of light is amazing. Wow.